Monday, June 14, 2010

The Faces That You Always Remember

In your life you tend to meet people. A lot of people. You may remember them in every facet of their selves or characters. Yet one or two strongly stick to you mind. It is there wherever you look. It may not hounds you but at times it makes your life a little bit messy. On the oher hand they could sooth your feeling. Hapiness creeps in. You feel at ease. Those faces are comforting.

No man is an island. We are social beings. We socialise, interact and depend on each other. When we socialise, we could be attached to someone that you could trust. Building a trust is not easy. No two or more people can trust each other completely. We may play hide and seek. Never really want to engage everything. There would be some reserve. You are not ready to devulge everything. Something is so dear to you. No matter what, it is yours. Very personal. Very dearly special. Never, never to be shared with others. It is yours for you to keep.

One or two faces dominate your conciousness. At times it will be soothing but at times it makes you crazy. Those soothing faces accompany you in your enlighting moments. They motivate you and drive you to maximum heights. They spur you to excel in whatever you indulge. The faces of hope and happiness.

Yet thre are faces that make you despair. They drive you crazy. Drive you to a wall. Make you very very unhappy. Wait. True that those faces taunt you. Haunt you. Stalk you. Now look at them. Size the situation. Seize the opportunity to confront them. They are simply faces that appear in your maid. They seem very vivid, very intimidating, very inhibiting. They are faces that in real situation should be confronted or be ignored. We have our own life to go on. To strive forward. To achieve excellence. Our very own life.

Why should we dwell on somehing that is unreal. Of course we are different. Everyone of us is different. Basically we are the same. Yet when we scrutinize the situation there are a magnitude of differences. Rightfully, we should develop that difference rather than the similarities. It is the difference that make us diferent. Develop your difference to the fullest. You will be surprised that people remember you because of your difference. No matter how small that difference is, it will be remembered. Being similar make you generic. Devoid of uniqueness. Monotonous.

When you see faces flash through your mind, spot the difference. You will remember your friend by spotting their difference. Remember that two people who are different can clique together. John Gray says, man are from Mars and women are from Venus. There are so much differences they face each other. They may not understand each other. Never to understand at all. Yet it is very funny that they can live together. They thrive being together. They long to be together. They miss each other.

Always be on guard. There could be a face that you dislike could be your saviour. The one that give your real hapiness. Hapiness comes in a very intriguing manner. Very mistirious sometimes yet interesting. The same faces being the one giving you laugh, hope and motivate you to explore the unexpected. The unsuspected. In fact rewarding.

Anyway, it is you who should make the decision. Never make a blatant mistake. We are taught to be scientific in nature. Before you attempt to make any decision, remember the steps, remember the methods, remember the strategies and always remember your strength and weaknesses. Strengthen further your strength and at the same time overcome your weaknesses. Be brave. The world can be at your command. Those faces that you fear are just passing faces in your life. Life has to go on. Fly to your destination. All the best.

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