Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Bingkisan Dari Kaherah: Autumn – The Stark Difference

Way back in 1986 my first encounter with fall was in the USA. In the States they call it Fall. Well, Autumn to me has a subtle meaning. Something beautiful. Fall has a direct meaning. Images of falling leaves and falling temperatures. October is as always a bit cooling. The temperature keep dropping until Winter. The sun still shines yet daylight is shortening. Day after day daylight becomes shorter and shorter. My family and I was in Pittsburgh. A beautiful city in the state of Pennsylvania. It sounded Romanian or Albanian. Eastern Europe for that matter. Pittsburgh is a hilly city. Hills and undulating slopes around and abound.  I guess Fall is the most captivating season. After schorching heat in Summer, the weather cools off. Transforming all vegetation into myrad of red, brown and yellow in colours. Everywhere you turn your eyes will be feasting on those colours. Subhanallah. It excites the eyes of the beholder. People walks endless hours. Savouring the cool air. Enjoying the colours. The scenery. There is not enough words to describe in full. Seeing is believing. At that particular time, it was an experience of a life time. Alhamdulillah, I was blessed with a second chance. It was Canada in 1990. Nevertheless my experience in the States left a huge mark in my mind. A brief encounter yet stays forever in my memory.

Then it happens. Those colours are dropping to the ground. The whistling wind sways the twigs and branches. Dropping the leaves in sequence. Now you see colours down on the ground and on trees. The ground becomes congested with fallen leaves. At the same time the trees shed their leaves until all the branches and twigs are barren. Nearing Winter all the vegetation are hibernating. Waiting for the next condusive sunshines in Spring. It was in the States I understood the meaning of Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall/Autumn. Reading or seeing images in print or electronic devices rarely gives you the exact understanding. It takes every three months for each season. Yet the true fact is Spring could be an elongated Winter. And for that matter Fall could be shortened by Winter. It depends on the latitudes the place is situated. The further north the more cooling season that you experience. Well, Fall is still a little warm. Only the breeze is enjoyable. Warm to a certain degree. Cool in the morning and late afternoon. Quite cool at night. Most days it is dry. The whole countryside is very picturesque. For a first timer like me, it created an image beyond imagination.

I am now in Cairo. Situated in the Northern Hemisphere. The four seasons are here. The past Summer was warm and dry.  Mind you, rain is something very scarce. They say only four times a year. Four times a year. The rains are synonymous with the changing of seasons. There is no rain in every season. It falls in between sesaons. I have yet to experience those rains. InsyaAllah, very soon. Winter is coming at the end of November. I stay in Nasr City. Trees are abound along the roads. But there is no colour change. The leaves stay green. A little disappointment. But then Allah determines the nature of everything. We have to accept the decree bestowed unto us. In every aspects of our lives Allah determines the best that can be for us. Thus Cairo is different from USA or Canada. A different experience altogather. Still the weather is cooling. Of course it stays dry.

Maybe life is a changing seasons. But is not repeated. There is no round cycle. It is a changing pattern. Depicting changes in age and every connecting images of a growing person from childhood to manhood. From being matured to being old. For me my Spring was something in the past. Gone also was my Summer. Although Spring and Summer still stay in my heart, biologically I am in Fall. Colours are abound around me. Yet those colours are fading. Shedding little by little. Every human is waiting for that barren branches and twigs. Maybe a shade of green here and there. The red, brown and yellow colours are very prominent. I can feel those colours falling one by one. The end is always near. Just like fallen leaves they leave a mark. Collected and crafted into something creative. Framed to be gauged by searching eyes.  It could be generation after generation as a symbol of family heritage. When you are in Fall, you wait for that eminent Winter. Snow and its whiteness will engulf everything on the ground. Cold, hard and seemingly dead. But not human. Once that Winter in your life comes it will be the end. You will never Spring into life anymore.  Flaura and fauna will still flourish after Winter and after every seasons.

There are reasons my being in Cairo. I would like to build colours of my own. Captivating to see. Exciting to watch. Remembered forever. Making vivid images that strike many souls. A little heritage for my generation. InsyaAllah. Please pray for me.

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