Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Another Facet of Pittsburgh

This is really great. The river is just very wide. Just by looking at this picture nobody may have the notion that this is a river. People may think that this is a seaside. Water skiing is a favourite sport. The background at The Point is just perfect. The mood is always there. Under normal weather the confluence of the two rivers is very conducive to enjoy the water. The current could be too strong for swimming. Nevertheless there is no harm to enjoy it with all the necessary precautions.

The water front is huge. The great Ohio River is simply enormous. River cruise is an attraction to local as well to foreign tourists. It may take hours. Watching the city's skyline. Its very vantage point.

The Point is an attraction by itself. The fountain keeps its life selffulfilling.

Bird's eye view of Pittsburgh. Bridges spanning on the right and left of the city. I could not remember how many of those bridges that I have crossed.
It is summer. The grass is lush green. Full of life. Vibrant with activities.

The citizens are enjoying the sunlight. Only one season. Never the year round. How lucky! Yet we never enjoy the sun. To us, no suntan please. As much as possible we try our best to avoid the sun.

Green everywhere. Flowers blooming. Fountains with cooling water. In summer people become lazy. They go for holidays. Enjoy their lives. This is the moment.

Downtown Pittsburgh. Very lively.

The Cathedral of Learning. A landmark of Pittsburgh. Standing tall, serene, tranquil. Basking in its own serendepity. The place of discovery.

The only theme park in Pittsburgh. Kennhy Park. An hour drive out of town. Throngs of people as early as May. End of Spring. Families spend their moments together. Catching up with each other.

Swing and swing. Around and around. A test of courage. Nerves. Overcoming fear. 

A typical rollercoaster. It may have double or triple loops. The world becomes void.. Upside down. Take control of your life. Such moments drive people crazy. The moment they landed on dear earth everything is back to normal. Fear is just a passing moment. Overcoming it is a never ending process. Of course learning never ends.

The skyline back in 1986. 26 years could have changed the original skyline. New skyscrapers may have replaced some of the older  buildings. Additions may have been made.

Bridges and bridges. Countless of them.

At The Point. Near the fountain. In summer it is full and congested with people seeking outdoor pleasure. Some have gone fishing. Others could be camping. Some gone hiking. A few mountain climbing. Or they may hop from town to town. From county to county. From state to state.

The heart of Pittsburgh seems compact and concentrated. The city itself is fun to traverse. A lot to see and hear. Bargain hunting can be fun also.

The University of Pittsburgh main campus. Notice that The Cathedral of Learning looks tall and commanding. 

The Pitts's stadium. The most popular is American Football. Running from one end  of the field to the other end. Gaining as much touchdowns as possible.

Country life of yesteryears. A replica of a traditional village. 19th century and early 20th century. It is funny. Our tourism industry try to attrack foreign tourists with what we can offer as a modern living. On the other hand tourists are seeking the true lives of the people. Reality that prevail. Not something that they are already bored with. They want to run away from situations that never fulfill their would be happiness.

Back to the future.

We can find solace here.

The Point in perspective.

Summer with blazing sun. Lush green trees abound.

The bridges are unique. Each of them is huge. An engineering marvel. An architectural achievement. Massive and yet attractive.

Each bridge is unique. No two bridges are the same. Customised. Aesthetic values abound.

Pittsburgh caught in sunset.

Alleghany Centre. Shopping arcades. Shopping and relaxing.

Another shopping centre. The Station Square.

In summer there are endless atractions. Daytime is full of excitements. Open concert such as this dominated even the smallest space. Belching out their songs. Entertaining the crowd. An inviting noise indeed. Notice that they are adults with years of experience. The young may have stage frights.

The Pittsburgh Plate Glass building in the background. An architectural marvel by itself. There are many shops around. It is yours for your pleasure.

An easy life. Marinas along the river. Water sports around. Fresh water. Time to relax.

Steel and steel. Bridges after bridges. Reminder of the past. The move forward. To the future.

Different design. Different crossing. Blended with nature. Strong. Sustanaible.

I used to cross this bridge. It leads to Pittsburgh International Airport. Some 40km away. So huge. Enormous amount of steel. The city of bridges. Pittsburgh is renown for that. None match its existence. The only city full of bridges.

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