Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Long Road to Alor Setar

Date: Early morning, Sunday Mac 21, 2010.
Approximately 10.00 am.
Direction: South to Alor Setar
Mission: Observing Students undergoing their practicum.
Destination: SMV Alor Setar, SMT Alor Setar, SMK Mergong, Alor Setar
Duration: 12 days until April 2, 2010
Target: 18 students ( 13 bachelor students and 5 DPLI students)

It was anticipated that this journey north will take long hours. Long, long hours. True enough it took me almost 11 hours. A lone old Pajero. A lone old traveler. A long stretch of the highway PLUS. I was just wondering, how many people did enjoy this travel. To many people the long journey would be a big bore. Just the serene world around you.

Down south, the highway runs through mostly flat or undulating land. But going north the scenery is quite challenging. Full of natural beauties. The hills, the mountains, the flora sometimes is breathtaking. Or captivating. Pure natural, mother earth. The green planet. The only green planet in the entire universe possibly inhabited by humans. The human race from Adam and Eve (Hawa) to the present.

Just watch the images sliding, manifesting changes, different landscape signaling the changes taking place around the country. The changes along the highway is just a amall part of it. Exiting the highway may present the real changes.

It struck my mind to record all these images.
Realising that this maybe my last trip to the north
on official duties. A professional endeavour.
It has been a keen observation. At times I am
appalled at what as been recorded.

Whenever I travel north, this building on the
right always intrigue me. What is it and whose

Most of the images are denoting the hills and
mountains forming the backbone of Peninsular
Malaysia. Banjaran Titiwangsa. It stretches
from Negeri Sembilan up north, covering the
length of Perak and then tapering off in Kedah.

They are serene and majestic. Basking in its

Mind you. I was really enjoying this trip. I was
elated to traverse this highway for the upteen
times. More times than I could remember.

Just imagine. If you travel blindly and never
observe the surrounding. It will be simply
boring and bewildering at times.

From now onward, just glide through. Sooth
your feeling. Please do not reel.

Just hills

Approaching Gua Tempurung.

Ipoh, here I come.

The plundering of a hill.

The cement factory at Ipoh.

On to Jelapang

Jelapang. The only toll that made history.

After the toll

The vista point before the tunnel.

Virgin jungle

Dried up waterfall

Jelapang from the tunnel

The tanker is crawling.

Into the tunnel.

Just immediately after the tunnel.

The hillside. Intimidating.

An imposing hill, Kuala Kangsar.

It seems the peak is being demolished.

Down Bukit Berapit. After the tunnel.

The cement factory at Kuala Kangsar.

Then oil Palm everywhere.

Yusof Tayyub date factory..

Vast paddy fields.

The pylon, symbol of development.

The signboards tell the distance.

Rubber trees just like down south.

A lonely tree on a dry barren land. Waiting to
blossom come rain and water.

Yes 22 km to Alor Setar. Here I come.

At long last I arrived in Kedah. What a wondderful
journey. One that I will treasure forever.
Turning back, I just wonder how in the world my
students travel from all the way up north to UTHM,
so far away down south. I salute you all. The quest
for academic excellence should never end there.
Light is still brighter ahead. Beckoning you all to
always be better.
Remember, the road to your destination is never
straight. There are turnings, corners, stops and
tunnels to be traversed. At the and of it is sweet,
delicious success. Nevertheless, I feel that tinge in
my heart. I was here. So near yet so far.
My trip down south next Friday April 2, 2010
will never be the same. The feeling will be different.
Satisfied but saddened and I will be lonely again along
the long winding highway. Anyway I am glad to
travel north. I treasure this special experience.
Till we meet again.

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