Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Life Is A Passing Game

Day in day out life just goes on. Is there any changes? For the better? Just check for a moment. What have transfired all this while? When each day comes we get up. The sun is precisely rising from the east. Big and bright. Life is pronounced to be full of zest. We prepare to go to work. Countless activities for a particular day. We are almost paralysed at the end of the day. What a rest in the evening. A sound sleep and dream of all the goodies. A predictable routine. Nevertheless that is not always the case. Each day is unique by itself. In fact we are always playing with a game. The game of life. Maybe the gem of our lives.

As Moslems we abide by the bidding of Allah. Fulfilling His commands. Thus we pray five times everyday. Each time at an interval so devine and spaced out that the call for prayers never interfere with the schedules of our lives. The Subh is so appropriate because it cajoles us to get up early. To feel the freshness of the day. To begin life on a positive note. The coolness of the morning. The early breeze. The stirring and chirping of birds. The much anticipated tonic of life. Another day. We then set forth to indulge in everending work. Making a name. Making an impact. Making a day. Rendering our services to whoever that may be. Either untoself or to others. Discharging our professional services.

A long stretch of work. We are so attached to it. Engrossed with all the dear commitment. Deemed concentration. Eager to come up with something worth. Value added. A space of time so hectic. There are meetings to be attended to. Clients to be entertained. Consultations being arrangerd. Appointments to be met. Schedules so arranged at a bewildering pace. The best part of the day. By afternoon we will be almost exhausted. Every energy being sapped away. Just like a battery, it needs recharging. That is exactly why Allah commands us to perform the Zuhr. A charging time. Regrouping our energy. Our effort. The next part of the day is even more gruelling. The penetrating sun sort of slows us down. Its burning. Its enormous heat floored us for the next three hours.

Those moments make us realise that life is full of endeavours. The unexpected. On the other hand we expect the next big thing. Yet at most times that never happen. It makes us think that the best thing is to do something worthwhile. Something that others feel deserving. Entertaining maybe. But never something that lead to destruction. Out of harms way. The day is even warmer. The tilting sun rays and its scantilating heat is difficult to bear. How lucky. Without the dependable air conditioning we could never perform. Our work will be very mediocre. Very little. Unproductive. If we go to the middle-east people take their nap in the afternoon. Too hot. The heat is so unbearable. When the British were here, they make it a point to sleep in the afternoon. A habit. Late in the afternoon they resume work. At a time more bearable. Less heat. A bit breezy maybe. Out of the sun’s glare. In between that we do our ‘Asr.  Another session of recharging our energy.

The day drags on. The sun starts setting in  the West. Cooling off begins. Birds flock to their nests. The hectic day subsides. Things starts to settle down. The day become darker and darker. The fire in ourselves dies down. The zest loses its power. The Maghrib settles the day. Everything that has been set comes to rest. An important part of our time. The part that we should be with our beloved ones. Spending time together. Exchanging news of the day. Catching up especially with the younger ones. Quality time. Creating that athmosphere of baiti jannati. Recharging the family zest. The light. The torch.

Time to rest for the day. Preparing for another gruelling day. The ‘Isya’ closes the day. The time for soulsearching. Listing the good deeds achieved. Taking stock.  Evaluating the day’s work. Are they of  any significance? Listing all the bad things that should be avoided in  the future. Alas the day comes to an end. The dust is settling in. The sleep. The dream. Tomorrow is another day to be dealt with. The day to be taken care of. To lead us to something pleasing Allah. The Almighty. He who bestows upon us all the dear blessings. All the good things in life. Alhamdulillah.

The day in a Moslem lefe is crucial. The non-believers can never understand it. Something not easy to consume. Our prayers are so designed by Allah not to interfere with our working schedules. The Subh is early in the morning. Before we go to work. The Zuhr is at a time during lunch break. The ‘Asr is after we completed the day’s work. The Maghrib is a time to welcome the night. The ‘Isya’ is before we rest for the day. If only the non-believers understand this. Allah is Great. His commands is beyond our understanding. Yet we feel His greatness. We are powerless without Him. Our life and our souls are only for Him. The ultimate Him. Allah is the Greatest. He rules the game. We are only players.

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